11.3.2023 UPDATE: I’m Still Here


I confess: I have had a difficult time getting back into TMD.  However, I ‘think’ this has started to change.  I am starting to feel that old familiar tug back to my modeling/master bench — with a renewed emphasis on modeling!


I have 5 open orders.  2 of them need replacement molds, and the weather simply has not been cooperating for that.  Things are supposed to be better next week, so…  Otherwise, the other 3 orders will ship early next week as — still being honest — I simply wasn’t up to tackling them today.


Karl has shipped some new masters.  He has made corrections for the Gecko Ram Kangaroo kits.  I think he also threw in some parts for the Meng Jumbo.


I have learned NOT to mention what I or Karl are working on, but I can and will tell you that Karl has started producing new masters again.  As for me: I had a good visit from our buddy in Columbus, Georgia this week and that got my creative mind broke free and grinding on ideas for new products.  You’ll just have to stay tuned to see what I decide to do (mostly because I’m not sure what I’m going to do, myself — not yet).


One of the things to which I’ve been giving a great deal of thought is the times in which we live.  More and more, I feel like a relic from a bye-gone age.  When I go to the DG’s, I no longer recognize the hobby I used to know and love.  Also, the new kits do not seem that exciting to me — not anymore.

So, what I have been thinking about doing is turning to what I already have.  I am thinking about how to use my blog page to share my thoughts on modeling without having to intrude on the current world of the DG’s.  This way, you’d have to be going to my page to find my thoughts.  The idea is that I would not be as likely to start anything.

Also, I am either going to start building for Joe again, or I am going to throw the whole lot away and walk into the modeling sunset for good.  Well, I am not ready to go away, and I REALLY want to build again.  So, I think I may very well start re-working the old lines and pushing them in a new “RE-DISCOVER YOUR STASH’ campaign.  Hey, this way, I can serve your modeling needs AND help you save money at the same time!  🙂


Well, that’s all I have for today.  If I can build on my current momentum, I will be back again next week — and I might even have more news on where I plan to take TMD3.0.  Until then, stay safe and model on, Garth!


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