9.29.2023 UPDATE: Shipping M8’s, Working on Masters (can you hear Odd Ball’s voice here?)


I have started to ship out the M8 HMC conversions.  I had hoped to have had them all shipped but, as usual, a couple of the new molds wanted to take their sweet time curing.  Anyway, I’ll have them out by mid-week next week.

I also managed to break my stalemate on the master bench.  No, sorry, I didn’t make anything new.  But I have almost finished the repairs to a master I have been putting off for 2 years.  I’m counting this as a small victory.

This is all I have for the week.  I’ll post again next Friday.  Until then, stay safe.


4 thoughts on “9.29.2023 UPDATE: Shipping M8’s, Working on Masters (can you hear Odd Ball’s voice here?)

  1. “Stalemate” must be in the air. I’ve done naught on the post-Blitz program M4 I’ve been working on for most (okay…all) of the summer. When I walked (okay…stumbled) past the shop a couple of weeks ago, I felt something I hadn’t felt in many months. The Itch! (No…nothing to do with Cruex.) I’m back at it and doing decent work! Glad you’re back at it! I’m assuming that your layoff rekindled your Itch as well? (I have leftover Cruex, if’n y’need any.)

    Victory is VICTORY! I’m told that size doesn’t matter.

  2. Joe ~ dude, THANK YOU for the headz up as to the older FAMO conversion kit I’d was just about to purchase on eBay! (It was the older ‘TMD’ version/Old address on label? (Big Betsy, Ethyl, Gladdis, Agnes, or Bertha Rd ‘r sumthin?;)

    Read youve since moved location/residence a while back in this blog…

    Im placing an order for TMD’s latest/newest 6 ton FAMO crane/bed for TAM kit from ya tonight w/a few other items too. Id MUCH rather you n’ the TMD family use n’ see the $$$!

    Again to you n’ the crew, ~Welcome back!..The work you guys put out is 2nd to NONE…
    I was genuinely SAD @ the initial news…

    It would be an absolute shame for TMD ceasing to continue churning out such quality masters/sculpts/products @ least for a little bit longer. TMD’s combined works are more appreciated then ya think? Im an artist/sculptor & I find it hard to wrap my head around the process & end DETAIL you provide with the masters & castings (Much like Armand P. Bayardi’s 1/35th/-1/32nd scale work;)
    Its QUITE an ART FORM in & of itself VS. confuser-assisted-design, print files, then simply hitting the ‘Print’ button as to the additive printing process (Which is also pretty cool too & has its own merits)

    ‘Jus take it a bit easier on ‘yo selves, we model hounds are a patient aggregate of individuals. 98% of the time any emergencias for any of us not receiving products ‘on time’ is fully within OUR hands if we have looming deadlines/contest entries/paycheck based purchase schedules/life-issues/etc, if we’d failed to order without providing some healthy wiggle room….

    This next build/Sd.Kfz 9 FAMO, all told, has somehow morphed into a $500 model with all the aftermarket pieces Ive purchased!..Without adding paint…Sheesh!
    -Watch, the very day I finish it all up will be the day Trumpeter finally announces shipping of their much awaited three 1/35th FAMO versions….HA!…;)

    *This is after about 6 years time of converting/kit-bashing @ least 4-5 Dragon/Trumpy Sd.kfz 7 & 8’s & around 3 TAM FAMO’s with AFV Clubs excellent Bussing-Nag 4500A Bilstein Crane truck. In hindsight, even over time, thats pretty $pendy considering costs of both kits combined per model….
    -Only keeping 3 of ’em so far as Im satisfied with the quality. I’m keeping the recent Trumpy DB Sd.Kfz 8 w/ the Bergepanthers 40 Ton winch inserted (Tried doing it on a FAMO, but due to torsion bar suspension, it just sits way too high in the chassis, the DB8 is sprung on leaf spring bogies on exterior of chassis, so as to better suck n’ lower the winch down more tightly into body, while deleting the in-frame OEM winch drum system)

    Although they did try a few converts/prototypes during the later war years with adding the Bergepanthers 40 ton winch into the FAMO. A few photos exist of the real-world mod, Im sure youve seen ’em. Built pretty beefy, I just wonder if theFamo’s chassis could take that incredible strain, even with a big spade & additional anchor points used?

    *The problem with working on a WerstattCo(s) mega-dio that so far has spanned DECADES in the making, is that ones skill level tends to progress n’ get better n’ better as the years pass, so earlier models, or ones completed just one short year ago, just dont look so good up against newer builds?!…
    Im 48 & have been modeling since 6 or so years of age too. Much like life itself, Ya just NEVER stop progressing & learning new techniques n’ tricks correct? I figured Ive rebuilt this darned thing about 3x’s over by now? (Plus most all the major buildings now. Much thanks to ‘Hansa Systems’ wonderful modular constructs & construction pieces-like LEGO’s for A-Dolts!;)….

    Oh! & the olde wise words about Americans & dioramas in general, being that: “We Tend To Go TOO-BIG”…Ha!..ThaTruTru…;)

    Thanks so much TMD crew…
    Kindest regards..
    Creighton Lee Rose, Whidbey Island, WA…

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