9.22.20232 UPDATE: Pouring M8 Kits, Setting Up More New Molds


As you can see below, the M8 HMC conversion molds are finished and I have started pouring the kits.  They should ship next week (at least, most of them will).



As I write, I am working to repair 2 masters and set up several molds to complete other open orders.  If (if, IF, IF) things go well this weekend, this should be done by Monday, so those other orders should ship out next week, as well.


I have been talking with Karl van Sweden.  We’re starting to discuss what we want to do next.  I’m still not back in the grove making new masters, but I am thinking about starting to get going on updating the oldie-but-goodies items.  Either way, I am hoping to be fully back by the last days of September (fingers crossed, knocking on wood).

Until next time, stay safe,


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  1. Free advice (and generally worth half the cost)… Don’t forget to schedule Joe-time!! Y’know… chase the missus around the house (hopefully once you’ve caught her you’ll remember why you were chasing in the first place), sit and relax with your favorited libation…allow yourself some field maintenance!

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