9.15.2023 UPDATE: The M8 HMC Molds Proceed…


I have the hull-side molds for the M8 HMC conversion set-up.  When the mold compound cures, I’ll pour them.  I’ll also set up the turret molds this weekend.  IF all goes according to plan, I will be making 2 conversion kits a day by Tuesday afternoon.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.  I have a habit of attracting ‘Murphy’ at times like this.

I spoke to Karl today, as well.  The plan is to call him again Sunday afternoon, hopefu8lly to talk models.  I also hope that chat will get my mastering juices flowing again as they still seem to be dried up (or, at least, like molasses in the dead of winter: there, but not going anywhere).

Otherwise, everything is good here.  Hope it is the same for you.  Until next week, stay safe,



2 thoughts on “9.15.2023 UPDATE: The M8 HMC Molds Proceed…

  1. Hi Joe. Do you have detail parts for the Tamiya US Halftracks? They have been reissued. Might be a demand for detail sets.

    1. No, not specifically. I have a few smaller, generic items, like Jerry cans and holders, hood latches, etc, but nothing specifically for the Tamiya Half-Tracks. Sorry.

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