9.1.2023 UPDATE: Get Your M8 HMC Conversion Before I Raise the Price!


I have just about caught up to my outstanding orders.  I may be a bit slower under my new policy, but I am happier and the orders are getting filled in a much more careful manner than ever before.  I even have time to replace older molds on a proper schedule.  I should have done this years ago!


I do not mind keeping this conversion in stock.  It is Karl’s magnum opus (and worthy of the title, too!).  But the molds get chewed up fast on this one and I have to keep up with the cost of rubber.  So, IF YOU WANT THE M8 HMC, but it this weekend and save!  As soon as I can sell 2-3 of them, I’ll have the money for new rubber and will replace the molds across the board.  So, the next 5 Mh8 HMC kits will sell at the current price AND have castings from brand new molds!  After that, the price for this conversion has to go up (sorry — talk to the folks driving this inflation cycle).


I have the bench cleared and straightened.  I’m ready to go back to churning out new goodies.  I have a major project waiting to get going (sorry, no hints).  However, I also have a whole series of cool, smaller items I will be pushing out before the end of September.  So, things are starting to move again at the TMD factories.


I still have dozens of kits, after-market figures, PE sets and books to liquidate.  The next round of listings ‘should’ go up this weekend.  I’ll post the link once I have the4 listings finished.


The hurricane missed us to the East, so we’re OK on that front.  My health is better than it’s been in a while, and I have a doctor working with me to see if we can prevent future chest infections.  Otherwise, BB and the shop rats are good, I’m good, TMD is good…  Everything is good.  Hope the same is true for you.

Until next time, stay safe,


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