This is so everyone who cares will know what is going on here at TMD — just in case you hear someone complaining.

I did not make my final deadline to ship everything by the last day of April.

I still have 6 customers and 9 orders to ship.

I am not going to bother explaining anymore. I’m just going to tell you that I am still working on them, I am close to shipping them and those customers will get their orders — from 80% new molds, at that,

I do have a customer in Europe who begged me to take 3 special orders from him AFTER the company closed. I agreed to give him a 10% discount and eat approximately $75 in shipping — all to help him avoid paying his customs taxes. I owe this customer a little over $1300, so I understand why he is worried. But I am tired of explaining my delays and dealing with a dozen messages a day on multiple systems, so he is getting his refund. Once the bank opens tomorrow, this man’s orders will be cancelled, his money refunded and I will be done with him.

For those other 6 customers: they know my troubles. I have sent private emails to them (including my customer in Europe). I am still the same person I have always been, and my honesty and integrity matter to me. YES! This has taken WAY too long to finish. MY FAULT! But I did not lie: I told everyone this would take time. I am working on another project and am down to 2 hours a day for the shop.

All I can say to my last 6 remaining customers is THANK YOU! I appreciate your patience. This is why I have been throwing extra little goodies into many of your items. No use letting the extra stock go to waste. It might as well go to someone who has been waiting patiently for months.

Now, the next time I speak on here or any TMD platform will be to say FAREWELL — PERIOD! I’m tired, guys. I need to be done. Done making mistakes. Done disappointing everyone by trying to make them happy. Just done.

Hang tight. That final post is not far off…


4 thoughts on “SPECIAL UPDATE

  1. Hang in there, Joe, and no worries! Glad to be the not complaining German guy…. Best regards, Stefan

  2. Hi Joe,

    I have long said that the absence of you, and Tiger Model Designs will leave a hole in the cottage industry side of our hobby. I for one have always been happy with your service, and transparency about things taking time. It’s really sad knowing that this hobby has pushed you out, especially in the face of your contribution over the years.

    I wish you all the best going forward, I hope you find peace and relaxation, it is well deserved.

    Cheers !


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