3.24.2023 UPDATE: My Best Laid Plans Never Seem to Work Out


This was supposed to be my last post; my farewell post.  However, true to form, things did not go according to plan. I still have 10 customers with 15 open orders to ship.  Everyone is large and every one has major pieces in them, like upper hulls and major conversions.  Well, I was on track to ship them this week, but — whether the mold release went bad, the atmospherics were bad or a combination thereof — the molds all started to pour with a glassy surface.  I cannot sell these castings.  They look perfect, but I do not trust that they will take and hold paint or primer, so I refuse to sell them.  This required me to order more rubber and start replacing about a dozen larger molds.  I am in the middle of that process now.

While I wait, I am sorting the other items in each order.  Below is a picture of every open order.  Those green cups you see are the smaller items waiting to be put in bags.  Every one of these orders is waiting on one or more of the new molds.

By the time you read this, I will have the items sorted for the second half of the 5th order (left to right) in this picture sorted and waiting in cups.  The plan is to finish as many new molds as possible Sunday while sorting the rest of every order.  IF I can pull this off, everyone will finally ship out by the end of next week.  I just hope I do not encounter any more delays as, if this works out next week, I will run dry of supplies and money at the same time I ship the last order.  That will be the perfect end.  Everyone will have had a final chance to stock up; every order will have been handled in the same way I always operated; and TMD will go out clean.

By the way: if you have any open promises or customer service issues, I’ll be trying to tackle them this next week, as well.  However, if I don’t get to them, they will be handled while I am cleaning up the shop the first week of April.  I am going to do my best to make sure everyone is taken care of before I call this a wrap.

The next update ‘should‘ — finally — be my last.


2 thoughts on “3.24.2023 UPDATE: My Best Laid Plans Never Seem to Work Out

  1. Thank you for all your Sherman goodies over the years.Ive always had good service from you.Not easy producing resin stuff as ive been involved in it myself doing figures.
    You deserve a well earned break.
    Take it easy Joe

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