3.10.2023 UPDATE: This Time, It’s ‘The Real Joe’

Sorry about that last update, that was ‘Bad Joe.’  I deleted it, so, if you didn’t see it, you are better off.  For those who did…  Well, ‘Bad Joe’ was punished.

OK, I shipped 5 more orders today, and I finished a mold I poured yesterday.  2 of today’s orders were outside the queue, so I now have 17 orders left on the official queue.

Unfortunately, I am going to have to make some new molds.  These will be big ones (turrets and upper hulls).  I will do everything humanly possible to make them by Sunday night, but I keep the Sabbath and our youngest son is coming to town to visit during Spring Break.  That will eat up a good part of Sunday.  That said, I still have hope of finishing by next Friday.  If anything, I will have 3 orders left (all big, all from guys who specifically told me they could wait).  Everyone else will ship next week — even if I have to work through the night a time or two (I need to finish as much as you want your orders).

As I start to draw closer to the very end of things, I find myself wishing I had been able to just take a break for a while.  There are so many things I still want to finish.  Unfortunately, as much as I might wish otherwise, it is too late to salvage anything from my decision to close.  So, baring a serious buyer (or I win the lottery), it does look like TMD is going to close its doors for the last time somewhere around March 20 — 22.

I’ll keep up the countdown on Facebook, but my next regular blog update will be my last.  Until then, stay safe, guys.


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