1.6.2023 UPDATE: A Good Start


Until the last order is shipped, I will keep posting updates, but I will keep these updates short, sweet and to the point.

I have had a good start to 2023.  On Jan 1, I had 174 open orders.  Today, I have 147 open orders.

Do the math:  I managed to ship 27 orders this week.  And they were not all easy orders.  Several were quite large.

I will make some new molds Sunday, and pour some resin, so I can be set and ready to run Monday afternoon when I get back from my studio.  I’ll post an update again next Friday.  Until then, I thank you for your patience.  It is sincerely appreciated.

Stay safe,


2 thoughts on “1.6.2023 UPDATE: A Good Start

  1. Joe. Thank you for my border. Is there an instruction sheet or a pdf for the M8 howitzer? hank you very much. Vasilios

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