12.19.2022 UPDATE: END OF AN ERA! :-(


The last order TMD will ever take while under my command was placed at 2355 hr, CST last night.

But this isn’t the end — not yet, anyway.  I have 182 orders to ship!  So, here is the plan:

First, I have a few very old orders left that I am going to spend this week trying to ship.  I want to be deep into October orders by Friday.  That way, I can allow myself to relax and just hang out with BB during the Christmas–New Year’s break.

I will be in the shop next week, but only to replace molds and ship some of those 1 and 2 item orders that came in last week.  But I will not be trying to tackle any of the larger orders.  Like I have been saying: those will start getting filled on Jan 2.

When I get back to the grind on Jan 2, I will spend 1 week shipping the larger kit orders and whatever small orders are left.  I have about a dozen orders for 9/1 Famo conversions and M8 HMC Conversions.  I want to get them out of here.

After that, oldest order first until everything is shipped.  So, if you placed a small order and it does not get handled by Jan 6, you are just going to be stuck in the queue until your turn comes up to be shipped.

AT THIS TIME, the goal is to have the last order shipped by the end of February.  This is a tall goal, and I’m not sure I can make it, but that is where I set the bar.

I already have more rubber and resin on the way, so I will replace molds right to the very end.


There are a few molds that are close to the end of their lives.  I cannot replace them as I would have to make new masters.  I WILL NOT MAKE NEW MASTERS TO FILL ORDERS!  If and when I encounter this problem, I will either:

1– Send 2 or 3 times the necessary castings in hope you can get one clean kit


2 — Refund that item and email you to let you know what I had to do and why.

THAT IS ALL — for now.

I will resume regular updates on Jan 6.  Until then,



(I am OK — for now.  I think it will hit me when the last order and promised item has shipped and I turn the lights out in the shop for the very last time…)

6 thoughts on “12.19.2022 UPDATE: END OF AN ERA! :-(

  1. You’re a class act, Joe. Your presence will be missed (and I doubt that I’m the only person who will lament it). Thank you for the great products, high quality, superlative customer service, and low prices. Thank you. ::hoists a frosty, foamy brew::

    1. Forgive me, but, all the kind words the last two days have actually succeeded in leaving me at a loss for what to say. I’ve got nuttin’ — nothing except, thank you 🙂

  2. It’s a huge loss to the community. Anyone can’t make something. Making it to a high standard, standing by that product and servicing their customers the way you have is lost on most these days. You will be missed.

  3. AwwwwwMAN!?…Jus got tha news!
    Firstly, may I say >THANK YOU!>FASTER!>>”….-Often to our own chagrin over time…;(
    -Lets face it, some items are just better cast than printed. I appreciate the masterful ARTISTRY involved VS a computer file/scan & “PRINT” icon being hit to create a product!

    I wish you the very Best Joe & once again, ~THANK YOU!…;)
    ~Creighton Lee Rose

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