11.18.2022 UPDATE: December Break Is Fast Approaching…


I had another tough week, where I took more new orders than I managed to ship.  As I said before, this is because I have started to ship the older, larger orders.  They can take a full day to put together all by themselves, and some of them will take 2, 3 or even as many as 5 days to fill.  One order is for $1,700+!  Guys, that is a HARD week of work to ship 1 order!

Still, I am plugging away and, if things go well, I should be caught up to about the first week of October by the end of today.  I will still have a few older, much bigger orders, and I will email those customers, but at least I have a plan for shipping them.  As for the rest of you: I am going to start shipping as much low-hanging fruit (i.e. easy orders) as I possibly can starting Monday.  The goal is to ship as many old orders as possible with as many easy orders as possible in the few days I have after Thanksgiving and before I start my December break.

I’ll update you again on Dec 2.  After that, you’ll hear nothing from me until Dec 31.


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