11.11.2022 UPDATE: NEVER Going to Catch Up, Just Finish Out


I am now working on an order from 9-4-2022.  I have a couple HUGE orders I may and may not email and set aside (excess of $1,000 orders) so I can work on other orders from September, but I might not.  I am VERY unhappy with myself in that I still have out-standing orders from September.  That said, gents, I AM GETTING THINGS SHIPPED!  And I am NOT allowing the quality of my work to slide.  I am going out the door with my name in good standing — period!

Anyway, just so you know: I am now working oldest orders forward — no exceptions.  This means I will keep falling behind (taking more new orders than I ship every week).  And these older orders are all 3-5+ times larger than normal, so I can only ship 1-2 per day.  This is going to take time.  However, once I get past the September and October orders I still need to fill, the November and late October orders should go fast, as they are closer to normal size.

Anyway, this is the update for this week.  I am still plugging away, and you guys are still burying me.  So, if you cannot wait, DO NOT ORDER!

Stay safe,


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