11.4.2022 UPDATE: “Advancing’ Backward this Week


I worked hard this week, but, due to the nature of the orders I am filling at this time, I lost ground.  Allow me to explain.  I only shipped 11 orders this week, but they are all on the magnitude of 2, 3 or 4, sometimes even more than 4 times the size of the normal order.  So, from my point of view, I shipped between 22 and 44 orders this week.  You see, I am looking at how big these orders are, not how many there are.  Unfortunately, I received more than 11 new orders, so, on the whole, my out-standing orders list grew instead of shrinking.

This is going to be the pattern for the next week or two — until I break out from under the back-log of big orders.  I am now shipping from oldest to newest and I will keep doing this until the big orders from September and early October are shipped.  What is currently slowing these orders down is that they are 1 — BIG orders $$$ wise,  2 — Have a lot of major items in them, 3 — Need or needed Matilda, Sd.Kfz 6 and — now — M8 HMC molds replaced.  Once again, I will NOT compromise on the quality of my product.  I am going out as I came in: doing the very best I can for each and every customer.

The good news here is two-fold.  Once the M8 HMC molds and a few other smaller mold sets are replaced (hopefully over the weekend), the older orders should start to roll out of here at a decent rate.  This is because I have been filling all the other items in them and only need the items waiting for new molds.  The other thing that will help is that most (not all) of the orders I have taken in October and now early November have been relatively small and — when I finally get to them — I should be able to bang them out fast.  The goal is to ship everything I have AT THIS TIME before I take my December break.

I’M GOING TO KEEP SAYING THIS!  YOU WILL NOT LOSE YOUR MONEY, NOR WILL I COMPROMISE QUALITY!  But, I am going to be V-E-R-Y slow in shipping.  If this is a problem, please, DO NOT ORDER!

I’ll keep you posted.  Until my next comms, thank you and stay safe.


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