10.14.2022 UPDATE: Progress!


I actually started to make some real progress this week.  I managed to ship 21 orders.  Now, on the surface, that may not sound like much.  However, I am working in the older batch of orders: the ones in the $150 — $350 range.  Before I announced the closing, my average order was in the $75 range.  After I have the resin poured, I can usually package and ship one of those in under 30 minutes.  However, even with the resin poured, it can take 1 1/2 — 2 hrs to package and ship a $350 order!  This is why there are still 9 orders on the packing bench.  The resin is cured and ready, I just ran out of time in the day to put them together and ship them.  I can only pray everyone understands.

Now, I still have 54 orders to ship.  Several came in this week.  The bulk are now under 2 weeks old.  That said, I have at least a dozen orders over $500 to ship.  Out of sure necessity, those will be held until I can get some more of the older but smaller orders shipped.  I know it sucks if you are one of these customers, but stay with me just a bit longer.  IF I can maintain this pace, I should be working the biggest orders by the end of October.

So, while it may not seem like it to those of you out there, I am starting to see real progress here.  Just hang tough.  NO ONE will lose their $$$, and everyone will get the usual quality castings.  I INSIST N THIS!  🙂

Stay safe and have a good weekend,


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