9.16.2022 UPDATE: Grinding On


It has been 2 weeks since I announced I will be closing TMD on Dec 31, 2022, and the orders are still marching in.  Admittedly, they have slowed down, but they are still coming in at an above average pace.  Again, you have all honored and humbled me, and I am profoundly and sincerely grateful.

Thanks you — SOOO MUCH!

As of the time I write this, I have taken a total of 94 orders since the announcement.  I have shipped orders, for a total of 52% of all orders received.  I also handled 2 customer service issue.  Given that I handled several larger orders this week, I feel I am doing a decent job of handling the load.

Now, for the news that many won’t like but has to happen.  I may not ship on Monday and Tuesday.  I have several molds that I want to replace, and I can either pour them or cast and ship orders.  Due to my new schedule, I cannot do both.  Right now, I am leaning toward standing down for a couple days to pour the new molds.

Also, I have a customer who will remain nameless (D.S.).  Said customer placed 3 small orders, then emailed to apologize and request that I try to ship them all together.  Then, today, he placed a 4th order.  I just want to let this nameless customer (D.S.) know that, if he does this again, I am going to tell Bill and Hillary that he has a complete copy of Epstein’s client records — complete with pictures.  I figure things will sort themselves out after I do that O:-)

Once I get back to filling orders, I will be tackling the $100-ish to $250-ish sized orders.  Looking at the bulk of them, I should have a good week, even with two days being lost to replacing molds.

Finally, if you are one of the dozen customers who placed orders larger than $250, all I can tell you is to hang tight.  I WILL GET TO YOU!  IF all goes well — and I can keep up with new orders as I ship this next batch, I hope to have you guys with the big orders out the door by the end of October.  It is an ambitious schedule, but I am going to aim high and work hard to hit the goal.

I will keep everyone posted as we move forward.  You can still place your orders, but, please, understand that shipping will be slower than you are used to for the rest of the year.  That said, YOU WILL GET YOUR ORDER!  No one loses their money with TMD.  I will also keep up the quality of my product.  I plan to keep pouring new molds right up until the very last order is shipped.

For more details, please read the older posts on our TMD BLOG PAGE.

Thank you and stay safe,


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