2022.7.29 UPDATE: Advance Halted While I Attend To My ‘Future?’


I didn’t post an UPDATE last week, and I have been very preoccupied this week.  This doesn’t mean I have been ignoring TMD, but I have had more pressing priorities and — for once — they are welcomed.  Hit the READ MORE button and I’ll give you the details.


OK, first, I have not forgotten that, for the sake of those who dislike such things, I agreed not to write too much about my personal world in my UPDATES>  So, for those who wish to know what has had me preoccupied, you will have to watch for the JOE’S CORNER later today.  I only post that on the TMD blog, so…

As for TMD-related issues: I confess, they have been largely set aside until I get these other matters handled and things start settling in to their new rhythm.  I’ll just leave things at that and let those who wish to know more read JOE’S CORNER.


As I write this, Friday, July 29, all known orders are shipped and customer service issues handled.  I am still shipping (I’ll never ignore orders), so this weekend would be a great time to place an order as I will be able to get it out fairly quickly next week.


I do not have anything new this week, but that is only because I have not had the time to take the pictures and create the listing pages.  I won’t make any promises, but I will do my very best to start putting out the new items next week.


Next up: the M-18 tools with cast-in brackets and straps.  I will not move from this until I have this item finished and on the market.  Then and only then, I will get back to the M-18 driver’s compartment and the rest of the interior.


I tried to call Karl but I got his voice mail.  I did receive an email from him this week in which he said he is finally back on the Sherman upper hulls and MINIART/HOBBY BOSS CCKW cabs.  I’ll update you as soon as I know more.


I have managed to get the shop cleaned up.  I still have a little more left to do but, for the most part, the shop is in good shape again.


I did the same in the office.  The desk is cleaned up and I added two more shelving units so that new books will have a place to go.  This will go a long way in helping me keep the office area cleaned.  The lounge area is also in good shape again — and just in time.  I hope to see Dave Hobbs sometime this next week.  At least now he will have a place to sit.  Finally, the master bench is in decent shape.  I have a bit more cleaning to do, but it is mostly just putting away books and things I have been looking through in relation to the M-18 projects.


As I said earlier, I have something going on in my world that — if it works out — will be the direction of my future.  So long as ‘They’ allow it, this could be what I do for the remainder of my days.  As I promised a while back, TMD will stay here until you guys stop ordering enough to pay the overhead.  So long as I can cover my costs, TMD will stay in business until I am no longer able to operate it.  Otherwise, things are good and I am actually excited about something again.  It may not be models, but it is a good thing.  I still haven’t totally gotten past being upset over the whole COVID mess, so I needed this.


Well, that’s all I have for everyone this week.  Until next time, you stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


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