2022.7.15 UPDATE: Halt In Place For ‘Real World’ Intrusions


It’s a lot of fun to write these updates as though they are ‘reports from the front lines.’  However, today, we need to set this make-believe world aside.  The real world has shown up this week, and it de-railed everything on this end.  Hit the ‘read more’ button and I’ll explain.


For those of you who have not heard, we lost another member of the modeling community this week.  Mark Ford passed away.  I did not know him as well as many of you may have, but I knew him well enough to call and he would know who I was.  I met him through Rich and Joy of R & J (sadly, another source of loss and pain).  Mark’s loss is especially hard for me as there are not many left in my side of the industry who have been there since the start: since I began TMD.  I can count all of us ‘old timers’ on one hand now, and only 1 of them is older than I am!

The news about Mark was sad enough, but this week pitched me a double blow.  You may not know him, but some of you might have heard the name, Craig Petermann.  He was an excellent modeler and a good, close friend on mine.  Well, he was sent home to hospice this week after suffering a stroke, and things do not look good for him: they don’t look good at all.  Normally, I wouldn’t mention something like this.  We all have friends who pass away and we don’t make it public.  But Craig is a different case.  Whether you know it or not, everyone who has enjoyed a TMD product all these many years owes that enjoyment to Craig Petermann.  You see, he was the guy who dared me to start my own model company.  Without Craig, there would be no TMD!

As if these two things were not enough, life has thrown me some additional challenges this week — all of them emotional, and all of them dealing with important, personal relationships.  SO, I pray all of you will forgive me, but I struggled just to get my orders shipped this week.  I apologize for getting derailed, but these things are more important than resin.  Of this, I am sure all of my customers will agree, so I know you will understand.


As I write this, Friday, July 15, there are no open orders in house.  If I make anything you might want or need, this is a good time to order, as your order will be first up Monday morning.


As of this moment, I am not aware of any open customer service issues.  If you have one I have not resolved, please email me and remind me as I somehow let it slip off my radar screen.


Well, that’s all I have for everyone this week.  Until next time, you stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


6 thoughts on “2022.7.15 UPDATE: Halt In Place For ‘Real World’ Intrusions

  1. I hate to keep bugging you about this as l think TMD does some of the finest aftermarket resin available…
    I had bought your impressive Bilstein 6 ton crane months ago and was wondering if there were any future plans to caste the Famo crane platform….
    I would have bought the complete set when it was available but could not afford it at the time…
    Now my financial situation has changed for the better and l would buy that platform in a heartbeat for what ever the price .
    If there are no plans, I understand as to produce this would only be weighed against the profitability factor as materials are getting more expensive every day…..
    Any thoughts on this would be very much appreciated…..
    Thank you for your consideration……

    1. I put the complete set back out, and I am pretty sure I emailed you to tell you I would sell you the chassy parts — if that is all you need. Maybe the email got filtered into your SPAM folder? Or lost in cyber space? Anyway, email me directly and we can handle this info@tigermodeldesigns.com

      1. Thank you for your very prompt reply……l never received your earlier reply but here goes…..
        I just need the chassis parts if possible so give me a price and l will get back to you QUICKLY!!!
        You do take PayPal ???

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