2022.6.27 UPDATE: Special ‘Urgent Flash Message’ From The Front


This is just to let you know that — until I resolve the issue with my rubber — all production of new masters is on hold!

I have reported my issue to my dealer, and they have filed a product inquiry with the manufacturer, but I can tell you from past experience, it is highly unlikely anything will come of this.  I tried to buy new rubber, but all my distributor has is rubber from the exact same batch from which I am currently having the trouble.  On top of that, the cost has gone up another $35 since I ordered this bad batch 4 weeks ago.  My rubber costs have now doubled since Jan 1 of this year.

I do have another rubber supplier.  However, the rubber I buy from them is good for large molds, like upper hulls and turret shells, but it does not work well for the small detail parts on which I am currently working.  So, this is not going to present a solution — not if I want to keep the quality for which TMD is known.

I will continue to master in the hope that, if and when I resolve my rubber issues, I will be able to catch up on my new releases in short order.  It’s just that, at this moment, I have no idea when this may be.

Until that time, I am going to take advantage of this interruption in new products to finish all the work in the shop that I have had to keep putting on hold.  This will keep me from being idle, and, when my rubber issues are finally resolved, it will make me much more efficient going forward for the rest of the year.

Also, I have already updated the prices on the U.S. product line.  By the end of the day, I should have the rest of the line updated.  I am doing my best to keep the cost of my products as reasonable as possible.  Just remember, the price is set more to the mold than the amount of resin in the product.  Some molds wear out much faster than others, and the rubber is where the bulk of my production costs are found.

One last thing: I have close to 700 line items in my store.  I will take advantage of this down time to start updating some of them, but — while you wait for new product — I’d like to ask you to take a new look at our line of resin items.  If you get bored, go through the whole catalogue — one page at a time.  I bet you will find things you never knew or forgot we make.  There is a good chance you might even find something you can use — especially if you are working on your stash kits to save $$$.  Summer is my slow season, and the economy is making things even tougher.  I am not complaining or asking for sales charity.  I’m just asking you to take a new look at what we already have for you.  It just might end up being helpful to both of us. 🙂

I will post the regularly scheduled UPDATE on Friday.  God willing, I hope to have some good news by then.

Thanks and stay safe,


2 thoughts on “2022.6.27 UPDATE: Special ‘Urgent Flash Message’ From The Front

  1. Thanks, Joe….
    I was wondering if you might have an extra chassis platform for the Famo 6 ton crane ….. l have already bought your crane, months ago ….just need the platform ……l will gladly pay whatever you require…..
    Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks…..
    AL Zumsteg

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