2022.6.24 UPDATE: Throwing My Sucker In The Dirt!


I am just about ready to throw my sucker (lollipop) in the dirt. Every time I get things going well around here, something else comes up and takes the wind out of my sails.  Honestly, I am beginning to wonder if God is trying to tell me something.  Anyway, hit the ‘READ MORE’ button and you can finish listening to me complain about life.

[For those of you overseas, ‘Throwing my sucker in the dirt’ means I am so mad I am about ready to throw my candy in the dirt.  It doesn’t hurt anyone but me, but I’ll do it anyway — out of frustration.]


So, I was feeling optimistic again.  I was back to making more masters for the Tamiya M-18, filling orders and catching up on house chores.  Then, things went to heck again.  This week, I had trouble with the molds for my new products.  I poured the molds for the tool sets Monday and, as I type this Friday morning, the rubber still has not fully cured!  I had this problem a week ago, but the rubber cured after 2 days, so I figured I must have mixed it wrong.  So, this time, I made sure I mixed it absolutely correct.  Nope!  That is not the problem.  Next, I called the distributor to ask if they had any reports of a bad batch of rubber.  They said no, I must not be mixing it correctly.  Yeah, right!  I’ve only been using their product for 21 years now.  Out of curiosity, I poured a small mold using the other type of rubber I have, from a totally different manufacturer.  Same problem!  The rubber is staying sticky-wet for days longer than it ever has — even when I bake it in the over all day!  I checked the temperature and humidity and that is all where it usually is.  The A/C and dehumidifier are having to work hard in this heat — very hard — but the temp and humidity gauges all say things are normal.  I have no idea what the problem is, I just know that I am not pouring any more molds until I figure out what the heck is going on here.


As I write this, Friday, June 24, all orders have been shipped and I am only tracking 1 possible customer service issue.  Truth is, sales have been slower these past two weeks than I have seen them since I shut down for 18 months back in 2005-2006.  I’ll be honest, this is only adding to my stress levels.


Until I figure out what is going on with the rubber, there will be no new products.  In fact, there won’t even be any new replacement molds.  I will not lose masters or production blanks to bad rubber.


At the moment, the M-18 OVM tools are under rubber that refuses to cure.  Unless and until I can get them out, I am faced with having to re-master the tools all over again.


I have no idea what is going on with Karl right now.  I need to call him, but I haven’t been in the mood this week (sorry).


The shop is OK, but there are a lot of small things that still need to be done to put it in 100% fighting order.


I cleaned up the office, but I destroyed one of my monitors.  I have the replacement, I just don’t tryst myself to set the dual display back up — not right now.  I am more efficient when I use two monitors, but I’m not willing to risk breaking another one — not right now.  So the shop will be at less than peak efficiency until I ‘acquire courage’ again (an attempt at a little “Battleship” humor for you there).


Honestly, I have the bills for July in the bank already, so I am giving serious thought to taking July off to fix up the shop and office.  Maybe, if I can just get my environment right, it will change things for me?  I don’t know.  I know that something has to change.  I am tired of this cycle.  Ever since we moved, things refuse to go well for more than a few months.  Like I said: God might be trying to tell me something and me, being a Polish Marine, I simply refuse to listen.


Anyway, that’s all I have for everyone this week.  Until next time, you stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


6 thoughts on “2022.6.24 UPDATE: Throwing My Sucker In The Dirt!

    1. I know how to read the dates of manufacture on Mold Max products. The rubber is good, but I never thought to look at the catalyst. It looks like it is old. That said, it does not explain why the GI 1100 is doing similar things. 21 years and NEVER encountered this. I have used rubber over a year old before and never had this issue. I am curious about their formula. I wonder if they have altered it because of the shortages in this nation???

  1. Being a lab tech, shelf life affects everything I USE…. Maybe your catalyst, maybe the silicone… ambient stuff?? My boss is a tight wad, and I get to experience this a couple times a year. Hang in there buddy.

    1. I understand. I have an engineering background. Had all the university chem classes. I understand the ‘science’ behind all of this. I have even had old product before, so I THOUGHT I knew how that would present. What I am dealing with now is a first — at least for me, anyway. I am thinking it is either old catalyst or, in spite of what the temp and humidity gauges are saying, the weather is causing trouble. Either way, I’m ordering new rubber Monday and, if that does not fix the problem, my sucker goes in the dirt 🙂

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