3.6.22 UPDATE: Alex, I’ll Take A Dozen Forest Fires for 12,000 Acres, Please


Bay County, Florida has made the national news (again).  This time, we have 12 fires burning all that deadwood that was left after hurricane Michael.  The most dangerous and largest of these fires is now some 8-9 miles S by SW from our house.  It is over 9,000 acres and moving fast, driven by 20-30 mph sustain winds.  There are some 11,000 homes evacuated throughout the County.

We’ve been under a burn ban and moderate drought warning for 2 months now, so things are dry.  We are expecting rain starting Wednesday, but that leaves 3 days for these fires to cause trouble and property damage.

As of this moment, I do not expect this to threaten our home or the shop, or to cause any interruption in operations.  However, the fires do threaten to cut the main highway into town and, if that happens, the mail will not be running until the highway opens up again.

I’ll keep everyone posted but, for now, no news is good news.

Joe, out.

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