2021.10.1 UPDATE: Still Here


It’s been a while since I posted an update, so I figure it’s time to let you what’s going on at TMD. So, hit the ‘read more’ button and I’ll give you the details.


Physically? Well, I need to get busy trying to lose the COVID weight I put on and I am still battling my chronic bronchitis, but — other than that — I guess I’m OK. Emotionally? That is a very different story. There are things going on in my world that have really complicated my world, and it has affected my production of new products. I’m just not going to go into those details out of respect to those of you who just want to hear about modeling news.


This brings us to new products. At the moment, I have nothing new to announce. I have many projects on my bench, and I am doing my best to push them forward. If and when I get any of them finished, I’ll announce them at that time. Otherwise, I apologize, but there is nothing new on this front.


I am going to keep this short and wrap up now. I’ll post again as soon as there is something to share. Until then, please stay safe.


One thought on “2021.10.1 UPDATE: Still Here

  1. How is your Orange Box Tiger coming along? I have two of them and will start to build one as #100 of sPzAbt 503 (the Early/Mid). I already fixed the idler arm problem and will use the included wheels after removing the connecting plastic material…I thinks improve for you soon. Take care.

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