Tiger I Build

I am still plugging away at my Tiger I build. I just realized that I was using my enamel paint brain while working with the new acrylic paints. The two don’t work well. So, I am going to go back and paint the monster a darker color, then proceed from there. I am also going to move this to my private Facebook page. So, if you want to follow my personal builds, let me know so I can add you to the page (just remember, we need to be FB friends so I can add you so, if necessary, send a friend request, as well). As I said, it is private.

My private Facebook page is: Joe’s Garage

5 thoughts on “Tiger I Build

  1. Sorry, Joe, but I don’t do Facebook or any other “social” media.
    Concerning your Tiger’s color, German Dunkelgelb has always puzzled me, and the more we think we know, the bigger the puzzle. DG nach Muster was the first version, and the color swatches that are supposed to match it are the darkest of the lot, but many of the photos from Kursk show a rather light tone.
    As the years went by, DG got lighter, maybe as the necessary metal-based pigments became unavailable, but that is not always or even usually evident in the reproduced book photos I have. I wonder if the tone we see on b&w photos is as much or more dependent on the sun and its light angle or the photographic materials used than the actual paint color. Whatever the case, a lot of models look darker to me than the photos of the same tank – just my opinion.

  2. Joe, I’d like to see what you are doing! Please let me on your list. Thanks

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