2021.2.26 UPDATE: The Situation At The Front Is Still Fluid

Greetings from the Front Lines;

We suffered a surprise enemy attack last week. This week, we have struggled to re-form the main line of resistance, but things are still fluid on the front lines. The strength and persistence of the enemy attack has been greater than our intelligence had estimated, but we are continuing to fight back.


First, as of the time I write this, I have 2 open orders. Both of them were placed over night. I will get to them Monday.


As far as I know, I have resolved all outstanding customer care issues. If you still need something, you have probably gotten lost in the confusion of the enemy attack. Please send up an SOS by emailing me and reminding me about your issue — so we can send out a rescue party to try and get you back behind friendly lines.


As you may remember, last week was largely lost due to an enemy sneak attack that shattered our front lines. This week, the enemy has been following up with strong probing attacks on our flanks. We have tried to get the front stabilized, but things remain fluid. One probe came in the form of uncertain reports as to when the services for our youngest son’s father will be. Another probe took down our internet for the better part of two days. Another probe took out our ability to reach our forces in the UK. For the time being, they have been isolated and, unless and until we can find a way around the enemy blocking force, the UK troops may be lost to us all together. We even had a small but strong enemy probe that attacked in the form of a non-customer who just happened to email me to complain about the high cost of shipping. Although small, that probe hit a particularly weak section of the front, and it did so at the worst possible time: when that section was weak because of forces that had been bled off to stabilize other parts of the front lines. So, all-in-all, while the week has not been a disaster, it hasn’t seen much success, either.


Unfortunately, we were not able to re-establish a solid line of resistance this week. As a result, the scouts couldn’t get behind enemy lines to start preparing for our next offensive. This means the new items we had hope to have available were not realized. We will continue to hope for an opportunity to slip the scouts through the enemy lines while we fight to stabilize the front. If we can manage to accomplish this mission, then our reconnaissance forces should be able to send back vital information, and we should be able to get the new items posted as we start preparing to counter-attack.


I’m sorry, but we have had no contact from Karl since the attack began. Although we’re reasonably sure that he and his unit are safe, we won’t have any hard intelligence on his situation until we can get our recon troops behind the enemy attack.


The shop has taken a few stray rounds but, all-things-considered, it is still in good condition. In fact, it has weathered the attack so well, it is the strong point around which we are building our new line of resistance.


The office is also in good condition, which means we have a solid line of supply and communications. Hopefully, this and the strong point provided by the shop will allow us to blunt the enemy attacks this week.


Well, that’s all I have for you this week. So, until next time, please stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


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