2020.6.19 NEW RELEASES


I know I have been promising to release Karl’s latest masters for several weeks now.  Well, I am going to keep you waiting until after I come back from my vacation.  I thought about this — hard.  I honestly do not want to have you guys waiting for two weeks to get the new stuff.  Nor do I want to come back to a ton of new orders.  I know this will happen if I release these things and then take off for two weeks, so I’m not going to do it — sorry.

When I come back, we will have a new lower hull, rear hull plate, late 3-pc FDA and possibly a 1-pc FDA for the M7 Priest.  We will have that new upper hull Karl made.  A new M4A2 muffler, an unmounted HVVS road wheel and some parts to help with the Miniart M3 Lee/Grant.  These will all be followed quickly by the M10 driver’s compartment.

The re-releases will include the U.S. 75 mm ammunition and packing tubes, as well as the open breech for the Dragon 105 mm Howitzer and the 105 mm howitzer ammunition set.  I will also put the M3/M4 75 mm counter balance weights and the .30 cal box field modification grunt phone back out.

However, for now, I NEED A BREAK!  I just hope you will understand.  If not, I apologize, but this is something I need right now.

You folks stay safe.


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  1. “Time” is a four-letter word on so many levels. And yeah…sometimes y’gotta take time for you and yours. I hope your time away enables you to recharge your batteries and you (plural) stay safe, too.

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