2020.2.28 UPDATE: A One-Week Delay


I am almost ready to release my first new products in…  Oh, I can’t actually remember.  Unfortunately, there was a small set-back, so there will be a one-week delay before they hit the web store.  Come on and I’ll give you the details.


Once again, I kept up with the orders this week.  As I write this, I have one outstanding order in the shop, and I held it to replace a mold necessary to fill that order (the customer in question has been emailed to explain the delay).  I am expecting a dealer order sometime next week so, if you need anything, get your order in now!  Otherwise, you might encounter a delay as I fill the larger order for my dealer.  You have been warned. 🙂


I got sidetracked by our taxes this week.  Otherwise, I would have already released the first of what will soon become a small flood of smaller detail items for the German armored cars and closed-top half tracks.  As it is, I just missed releasing them this week.  The first of these items will be German canteens, mess kits and some other items for use on your 1/35 figures.  These may be a little more expensive to buy individually than the latest plastic sets, but, when you see them, I think you’ll find they are much more detailed (not to mention easier to clean up).  I will then release separate sets of mounted canteens and mess kits, as well as sets of empty mounting racks.  The first aid kit and mount; MG34 spare barrel case and mount; MG ammo cans and mounts; flare pistol, flares, mounts and boxes; MP40, ammo pouches and mounts;  grenades and mounts and a bunch of other smaller details should all roll out in short order.  Watch for them one week from today.  I might even post teaser pictures on our Face Book page.


I spoke to Karl.  If things don’t get better for him — soon — he is supposed to send several masters to me so I can finish them.  This includes the M10 driver’s compartment.  If you are of the mind, please keep Karl in your prayers.  He is OK, but he has some aches and pains the doctors are trying to fix that keep him from being able to sit at his bench, so he can’t even build for himself.


I will not tell you who they are just yet, but I have two new pattern makers on the close horizon.  If all goes well, we should soon see some much needed goodies for the T-54/55 kits, a storage set and canvas covered .50 cal coming from these guys very soon.  I’ll introduce them if and when it happens.


The shop is doing very well.  I have cleared out most of the 1/48 aircraft stuff, making a lot more room for me to organize the armor.  I have also been able to throw away a lot of stuff that has been cluttering the place in case I needed it to ship the aircraft kits.  If I have another good month, the shop should be in as perfect a condition as it is likely to ever get.


My administration time was consumed by tax preparations this week.  Otherwise, there is nothing much more to report on this front.


OK, that’s all I have for now.  So, until next time, stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


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    Can’t wait to see the German half track goodies – any chance of a sneak peak??

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