2020.1.31 UPDATE: Best — Week — Since — Oct 2018!!!


I had a very motivating week this past week.  It was the best week TMD has had since Oct 2018!  Come on, I’ll share the details.


As I write this, there are no open orders left in the shop!  The only thing I have left is a special deal I made with a customer who contacted me off the web store, and even his order is ready, I’m just waiting for the resin to cure so I can put it in the mail.  This has not happened since…  I can’t remember when!


I am looking forward to next week.  I am finally going to spend a great deal of my time on the master bench, and it has me mo-ti-vat-ed!

If all goes well, I will be spending the next few weeks buried in a series of small, extremely useful and under $10 detail sets that should have a wide application in every armor modeler’s work.  I will also be working on the Hobby Boss German armored cars.  I have a promise to keep to an old and dear friend.


Karl has been having a little trouble lately.  I am not at liberty to share but, if you are of a mind, it would be nice to remember him in your prayers.  He can use it.  Aside from this, Karl has been slowly plodding away on the M10 driver’s compartment, the AFV Club 113 ACAV update and some more Sherman shells.  I’ll let you know when he gets them finished.


I have started to clean the shop.  The goal is to stay on this — slow-and-steady — until every last thing in the shop has been put in its proper place.  At my current pace, this might actually get finished by the end of March.  Otherwise, the shop is solid.


The office needs a little straightening, but, otherwise, it is good.  I still have work to do on the Web Store and the Blog Page, but I’ll get to them as I manage to get to them.  These will be a long, slow, and never-ending process.  In my mind, the key point is that I have started the work and you will start seeing hints of it soon.  The only other thing on the administration side of things is that I am planning to start using Face Book and a few friends who run modeling Discussion Groups to start reminding you guys and gals that TMD makes a lot of stuff — much of which you have either forgotten, or never knew we made.  This is my fault, but it is something I plan to correct — soon!


OK, that is all I have this week.  So, until next time, stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


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