I have decided to make some changes to my plans for 202.  I posted an update explaining how I expect this new plan will affect you as a customer.  However, for those who count themselves ‘friend,’ as well as ‘customer,’ I decided to post this little bit of additional explanation.  I hope it will make sense to you.

So, as many of you may already know, I’ve had an event-filled time the last 18+ months.  Add the changes that naturally come with my age to this, as well as my personal struggle to actually understand and live according to the teachings of my faith and I suppose you could say I have been going through some significant life-changes.  I wouldn’t call this a mid-life crisis, because it isn’t.  Nor am I depressed.  I’m just seeing myself a little more clearly than I ever have and have decided that I need to make some changes in what I see when I look at the mirror — and part of that means changing the way I run TMD.

So, rather than going through yet another year of making promises and letting people down because I meant well but just didn’t have the time or desire to follow through, I have decided to slow down and fix as much of the stuff I have left un-finished as I can.  The way I figure it, I have no business trying to make more stuff when so much of what I already sell still needs work.  Now do I have any business working on new projects when I have so many un-finished masters already laying around the shop.

So, from now until whenever, I plan to work on those things that I have left un-done.  In the end, it should make TMD a much better company.  Our products will be modernized.  The appearance of what comes in the mail will get better, which will give a better first impression on those who have either forgotten or never heard of us.  We will finally have complete instruction sheets for every item that needs them.  The web store will continue to see improvements tailored to helping you navigate and find what you need, as well as other items you might not have even known we make.  And, if all goes well, I’ll be a happier man.

There is one more thing I plan to start doing — soon!  I am going to start pushing TMD on Face Book and selected DG’s.  I think I have been too lazy for too long.  Not only have people forgotten us, but even long-time customers have forgotten how extensive our product line has become.  I need to start correcting this, and it will start this coming week.

So, if you were wondering, this is most of what is behind my decision to pull up and fix things around here before moving forward again.  I hope you’ll stay in touch through our refit.  I am sure you will still find something that will add to your modeling pleasure.

Cheers for now,


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  1. As always, Joe, good luck with your personal and business journeys. Hope you and BB stay well.

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