I have a special surprise — well, at least for some of you it is, anyway.

From now until 2400 CST on Jan 5, I have opened the following kits/conversions for special release:

35-1055 M8 HMC Conversion (AFV)

35-1067 M4A1 Initial LIMA Production (‘Michael’) — FULL KIT

35-1068 LIMITED RE-RELEASE!!! T6 Sherman Prototype — FULL KIT

35-5119 SdKfz 9/1 6-tonn Bilstein Crane Famo Conversion

35-5148 FLAK 88 Famo Conversion


— All of these kits will be made from brand new molds.

— None of these kits will ship until after Jan 6.

— Once I pull these kits down, you will not see them again until I have another attack of insanity.

OK, do with this what you will 🙂


6 thoughts on “HOLIDAY SURPRISE!

  1. OK, Joe. My order 5658 is for your still state-of-the-art M8 conversion. I make this order knowing that AFV-Club will now add an M8 to their list of kits for 2020 and have it on the market before I can do more than drool over your marvelous resin pieces. And so it goes… Here’s hoping you and BB have a wonderful solstice holiday season and New Year, full of the joy family and friends bring.

    1. Christopher,

      LOL< nice try, but no. AFV Club said they can't do it. We actually gave them a copy of Karl's conversion and permission to straight-out copy it. They were going to try to use resin, but, when Rainbow told them they couldn't do what I do, AFV Club tabled the project. So… 😉

      Thanks for the order.

  2. I am interested in m8 and flak88
    m8 has been bought many times, but a little disappointed.
    If these limited editions are made with new molds,
    I will buy two products, the m8 and flak88.

    1. First, if you were disappointed, you should have told me. I ALWAYS fix any mistake we make — period!

      As for the M8 and FLAK 88, yes, I am making a complete set of brand new molds for these kits. Hope that is reassuring for you.

  3. Order number 5667
    I hope these products are not regretted
    I believed in you and spent a lot of money
    I want to believe my choice is a good choice
    I want your business to thrive
    I hope you are healthy
    I pray for your health

    1. I have your order, thank you. As I stated in the special sale, I am making 100% brand new molds for these kits. The castings will be as close to perfect as I know how to make.

      However, if you do not trust me, you should not order. I NEVER want anyone to think they cannot trust me, and I would rather lose a sale than make a customer worry. This is also why, if you ever buy something from me that you are not happy with, you should email me. I replace broken, missing or poorly cast parts FREE OF CHARGE! I have always promised that none of my customers will ever lose their money with me or TMD, and I have worked hard to keep that promise. If you wonder, just ask my customers. My reputation should speak for itself.

      If this is not enough to help you feel better, let me know and I will happily refund your order 🙂

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