2019.12.13 UPDATE: That’s A Wrap!


That’s a wrap!  As far as TMD and I are concerned, 2019 is in the books.  There are just a few things left to let you know before I turn out the lights in the shop, so come on and I’ll let you know what those last minute details are (read to the end, surprises worked in throughout 😉 )..


All but 2 of the sale orders have shipped, and those last two are being held either by request of the customer or because I asked the customer to let me replace a few molds before I finished filling their order.  So, everyone knows or should know where their order(s) are.


I will keep the web store up and running over the holiday, but I WILL NOT BE SHIPPING AGAIN UNTIL JANUARY 6, 2020!!!  Please make sure you take note of this.


Starting this Sunday, Dec 15, I will be putting in at least three hours a day on my master bench.  I am going to be focusing on two major areas.  First, I am going to work on those things that I have promised others over the years.  I feel an obligation to many of you, and I want to wrap those obligations in 2020.  Second, I will be working on whatever catches my interest.  At this time, that is still the Pzr 38(t) family.

Either way, no matter what happens, THERE WILL BE NEW GOODIES FOR YOU IN JANUARY!


I have not spoken to Karl for a few days, but I plan to call him today.  I know what is on his bench, but I am NOT going to say anything about it at this time.  All I will say is that, if the Lord is willing, Karl might finally have some goodies for us when we come back next year.


The shop is a big mess, and I plan to clean it up over my break.  I would love to start the new year with a clean and organized working environment.  If I manage to make that happen, the trick will be in trying to keep it that way.


I will always have administration chores to do, and I will say I have the best intentions of getting to some of them over the break — but don’t hold your breath.


I have some surprises planned for you.  First, you need to watch for a special listing to be posted later today.  It may not interest most of you, but, for those who are interested, you are going to have a very limited window to order a few things that are and will remain out of regular production.  I will also post pictures of the shop, office and master bench over the holiday, so watch the TMD Face Book page.  Finally, I plan to post ALL of my remaining 1/48 aircraft kits, aftermarket and decals next week.  I plan to listed them as auctions, starting at trade show prices.  But this will be the last auction listing for these items.  After this, they will go up on the ‘Buy Now’ list and I’ll leave them there until someone finally decides they want them for the retail cost I set.  So, if you like 1/48 aircraft, do not miss out on this last chance to get some good stuff at old-time EBay prices.


OK, that’s it.  I’m out.  But, before I go, I want to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas or, if you have other beliefs, a safe and happy holiday season.  I hope you have a great time with friends and family, and that you are renewed for the new year.  So, until then, stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


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