If you placed an order during the Black Friday Sale, I want to give you a quick update.  Hopefully you already know that BB and I were in a pretty bad automobile accident Saturday night.  We are still sore and stiff, but we are doing better than we had thought we would.  We both lost the whole day, Monday, doing things we had to do because of the accident.  We both went back to work Tuesday, but I had a planned visitor Tuesday, so I lost quite a bit of that day, as well.  Still, I managed to ship about 50% of the orders I received during the sale!  For only 2 real days of work, I impressed myself, but I know that doesn’t mean a lot to those of you still waiting for your order to ship.

Now for the bad news.  I have a long-standing trip I have to take today.  I leave around lunch and will not be back until late tomorrow.  This means I will not get back into the shop until Monday.  Still, if I can do as well next week as I did this week, I am confident that every order I have will be in the mail by Friday, December 13.  Now I just hope all who need to see this will read this post.

Stay safe, folks.  I don’t want anyone out there getting hurt.


2 thoughts on “SALE ORDERS UPDATE

  1. Thanks for the update, Joe, with its good news about you and BB. Still no rush or worries here about my order. Put it as far down the list as you need to.

    1. Christopher,

      Yes, we’re doing well enough, thanks. As for TMD… Well, IF things go well this December, I hope to FINALLY have some of the goodies you asked me to make long ago. I finally found the pictures I need to make them, and I have the kits, and the time, so… Stay tuned 😉

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