2019.8.29 UPDATE: Caster’s Block

Hi Folks,

I apologize for not updating you as frequently as I used to, but I have been dealing with issues that only a one-man business owner knows and fully understands.  However, as modelers, we have all went through periods where we just couldn’t get ourselves to build anything.  Well, that’s sort of what I’ve been going through, just on more levels.  Anyway, if you are interested, come along and I’ll fill you in on more of the details.


First, I am finally ready to tell you why I have cut back on my updates.  Several months ago, I asked a question on Face Book.  I was looking for input from you guys.  Well, one reader made a comment that — for whatever reason — stung!  Basically, the comment was: “Stop whining about your personal problems and just focus on your products.”  Normally, I actually have a thick skin, but this comment hurt.  I think it hurt because I have always thought of and tried to treat you as a friend.  It also didn’t help that the comment came at a time when I was already struggling.  So, when a ‘friend’ wrote that comment…  Well, it sort of put me off for a while.  Truthfully, I am still not back, but I’m trying — mostly because I feel I owe it to those who do care.


Surprisingly, TMD is actually doing well — certainly better than it should be.  I count it undeserved blessing, but that’s just me.  All I know is that I am coming up on the one-year anniversary of hurricane Michael and we still have not started putting out new products yet.  I have things in the works — quite a few of them, actually.  But I just have not felt like sitting at the master bench, so nothing is ready.  Still, I have the TAKOM and MINIART M3 Lee/Grant kits, the TAMIYA M10/Achilles kits and the TAKOM/DRAGON Panther kits all on the shelf in my mastering room.  If and when I get back to the bench, these will all be on the ‘to do’ list.  Additionally, Karl has told me he is almost finished with the M10/Achilles driver’s compartment.  In fact, that should be ready very soon, along with some detail pieces for the AFV CLUB M113.  SO, if I can get past my building block, things will start rolling fast and furious.


As you may know, I have not been the same since hurricane Michael hit last year.  I have managed to finally get our home repaired enough that I can justify working on the yard again.  But I have not recovered from it emotionally and — like it or not — that matters, A LOT!  Much of what I do is emotionally-based, as it is with all artists.  And now, if you have not heard, we are being told we may be hit by another hurricane this coming Monday/Tuesday.  Most of you won’t really care about this, but, if my Country gets hit by another hurricane right now, it will all but destroy it — and I mean destroy it!  Things are still bad here.  Many are still homeless.  We do not have the labor force to get things going again, either.  Burger King is not only paying $12/hour, but they are offering sign-on bonuses!  For Burger King!  Other businesses have rebuilt, but they cannot open because they cannot find employees.  In short, things are still bad, and the threat of another storm in less than a year is not exactly causing my community to feel confident about the future.  Add to this the fact that I have another opportunity presenting itself — an opportunity that is drawing me very strongly — and you might be able to understand that I am in an internal struggle that has me feeling like not doing anything.

That said, NO!  I am not ‘depressed’ — not like most people understand.  I would never compare what I am feeling to the debilitating problem that so many others have to struggle with in their lives.  No, I could shrug this off and walk through it any time I want to — but I do not want to do so — not right now.  And I won’t care until after I decide what I want to do with the next stage of my life.  Don’t worry, I am NOT going to let anything happen to TMD.  It will be here for you.  I just don’t know what I am going to do with it.  Either I’ll ruck-up and get back to work, or I will just put it on cruise control while I work at another goal.  I don’t know.  All I know right now is that I still need time to pray and wait for guidance.  I just hope my friends will understand and hang with me while I go through this season in my life.


OK, until I decide to write another update, you stay safe.  Oh!  And try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


7 thoughts on “2019.8.29 UPDATE: Caster’s Block

  1. You need to tell whoever that “friend” was to go f**k himself. It’s a good bet they have never witnessed nor been a victim of the sheer an utter devastation a storm like that brings on and when it hits you head on and virtually everything you know or have known is gone…. then you can come talk to me. Being a near life long Houstonian I’ve been there. So Joe, screw the haters and do what you do.

    P.S. We need ladders. =P

  2. Here is your “problem “ Joe….you are HUMAN!!! Just like all the rest of us, you are not perfect ( with the exception of that one guy who tried to shame you)……l have been in the same boat, but l have been rowing it like crazy getting back in the swing. You have lots of friends and you treat us as such. Just keep on truckin’ ….we are with you…..

  3. Dear Joe –
    Hope Dorian doesn’t cause you and BB more troubles. I think by now you have figured out where we – you and I – stand on many issues not related to modeling, where we can go together and where we have to part ways. I understand your “friend’s” frustration and lack of empathy, but some things don’t need saying, and he went way over the line.
    I’m at the age and physical condition now that i can’t offer to come down and help, but you know I’ll help in what ways I can. I really hope you get your mojo back soon and keep your mind alert and involved. If that’s doing something other than TMD, then you gotta do what you gotta do. If it is TMD, then maybe this stretch is the diversion you need to get back into the fray with renewed vigor and fresh ideas. Whatever you do, I hope all works out well for you and BB. Please stay high and dry, good buddy!

    Men exist for one another.
    Teach them, then, or bear with them.
    (after Marcus Aurelius)

    God’s hand may be a human hand,
    When offered in loving kindness,
    And God’s voice a human voice,
    When we but speak the truth.
    (after Timothy Ferris, The Whole Shebang)

    God is man helping man:
    This is the way to everlasting glory.
    (Pliny the Elder)
    Christopher C Tew

    1. Thanks, Christopher. Yes, I’m fairly confident that we BOTH know where we stand with each other, and that is good enough for me 🙂

      As for me and TMD: what I am doing now is good for the company and its fans. Last time I felt like this, I sold the company — and we all remember how much of a disaster that was. Not going to repeat that mistake again. So, we ALL wait 🙂

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