JOE’S CORNER: Renewal and Rededication


I had a very exciting day.  Opportunities to contribute to our hobby in new and bigger ways have presented themselves to me the past few days, and I am really excited about where they may lead.  I can’t share now, but I will — when the time comes.  But — for now — it means I have to take a real hard look at myself as a modeler and make some conscious decisions as to where I want to go in the future, then decide what will help me get there and what will get in the way.  Sadly, this lead to the realization that I have a lot of stuff that is getting in my way and it must go!

I’m talking about a lot of the aircraft stuff I have been acquiring the last 3 years.  I was looking toward aircraft to help me get back into our hobby.  At least, that is what I told myself.  But that was a lie and I think, deep down, I knew it.  Making masters has become my hobby.  It is so much a part of me now that I cannot touch a kit without feeling the compulsion to make masters for it.  Well, that is all well and good — if I stick to armor, which is what TMD does.  But, when my time starts to get divided between armor and anything else…  Well, TMD suffers, which means you are not as well served as you might otherwise be if I were focusing on my job.

Therefore, over the next few months, I will be selling off almost everything I acquired for aircraft.  I may keep the library and the 1/35 Fi.156 kit I have, but all the 1/48 stuff is going to go.  I’ll start by posting it here and on the TMD Face Book page so you guys can get first crack at it, then I’ll list it on the DG’s and, finally, if it doesn’t sell either of those two places, I’ll auction it off on evilbay. Either way, the stuff goes and I glue my nose to the armor world and only the armor world!

This will help me get back to being more productive.  But it will also do one more thing: it will make it possible to get back on the show circuit.  Instead of wasting time fiddling with aircraft, I’ll be working on new products, which — hopefully — will increase sales, which increase profits, which will allow me to get back to the shows.  I could just be planning and scheming again, but I hope not.  I miss seeing you guys and I would love to get back out there.  So, this is the plan.

I had to go through this back when I sold TMD.  I guess I didn’t learn my lesson and now I am doing it again.  Hopefully, this time, I’ll learn.  I’m just grateful that the Lord is patient and that I figured it out this time before He had to hit me in the head with a 4 X 4 to get my attention 🙂

Ya’ll stay safe and watch for the sell off postings — in case you’re into that sort of thing.,


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