There are a few of you out there who have been begging for this.  OK, time to back your requests with your wallet.

I am making a complete set of new molds for the T6.  However, I will only be making 15 kits!  I set the inventory at 15, so the system should show you how many are left as they are bought up by other modelers.  If you miss out this time, I do not know when or IF I will ever make this kit again.  So, do not wait!  You can find the kit listing here:

35-1068 T6 — FULL KIT

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can order now, but the first kit will not ship until May 15.  I want time to let the new molds cure and to get a few castings poured so they can get broke in properly.  I am making 15 kits, but I want them to be the very best quality TMD can produce.



I posted this sale less than 30 minutes ago and already there are only 10 kits left.  As I said, DO-NOT-WAIT!!!

2 thoughts on “T6 FULL KIT — LIMITED RE-RELEASE!!!

  1. What is the price?
    When will they be available to order?
    If now, hopefully there will be stock left in two weeks (payday)
    Been wanting this forever!

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