2019.3.15 UPDATE: Beware the Ides of March!

Hi Folks,

Not sure why I wrote the title to this post.  I’m in a decent mood so I guess I just felt like it.  Anyway, it’s a short update this week, so you have no excuse not to read this one.  Now, come on…


I am in a better mood this week.  Things are good with TMD and I have resigned myself to working every afternoon for the next 2 months or so until the last of the repairs to our home are completed.  I suspect this surrender is actually responsible for the improvement to my moral.  Once I gave up any and all personal claim to the first half of this year and started hoping for a summer I could call my own, things got better.  Things are so much better, I’ll even be on the master bench this weekend.  So that is that.


OK, I mentioned I might do this last week, and so I am.  From now until the end of March, I will hold a 20% off sale.  This applies to everything in your cart.  It will also be the last sale I plan to every hold, so don’t miss out.


I’m just going to issue a warning here.  IF YOU ORDER DURING THE SALE, please be prepared to wait up to two weeks before your order ships.  I expect a decent response to my sale, which means I will be busy.  But I am also going to start working on new masters and I still have to keep working to finish the repairs to our house.  This means I’ll be a little slow until the sale orders are all shipped.  Just be prepared for that, please.


OK, told you this one would be short.  Now go place your order so you can get busy building something using TMD resin.


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