2019.1.21 UPDATE: Some Changes Are Coming


We need to have a chat.  Some changes are coming, and I want to make sure you know about them.  I also want to make sure you get things right, and that there are no misunderstanding.  So, please, give me a few minutes and let me tell you what is going on at TMD.


Yes, I am going to be making some changes around here, but TMD is healthy and in good condition and I am not going out of business.  Make sure you understand this, please.  But, more importantly, if you see anyone saying anything like I am going out of business, do me a favor and shut that down for me, pretty-please???


Folks, my home is almost repaired.  If all goes well, we will be moving back in sometime between Feb 11 and Feb 18, but almost definitely by the 25th.  This is much, MUCH faster than most of the people in my area will be able to do, and I feel guilty.  It has caused me to look for some way I can help others and give back to my community and my fellow man.  As it happens, the Lord has seen to it that I have acquired some special skills in my life that make me rather uniquely suited to help my community.  I know how to build a house from the ground up, and I have been an insurance adjuster in the State of Florida.  Both skill sets can help me help others get their homes repaired, repaired faster, and repaired for the money their insurance company gives them to do the job.  All I need is to find a way to put these skills to work.  Well, I think I found that opportunity.

So, starting today, I will be working — part-time (for now) — for a general contractor.  My job is going to be to grab hold of several jobs they took that got out of hand and see if I can get them back on track and finished.  If I can get these four jobs finished and done in budget, I will most likely be offered a position with this company to help run their operations in NW Florida.  After talking with Deborah (BB), we decided this is a chance we simply cannot pass up.  Now, I ask you to understand that I simply must give this a try.  If I can help, I have to do so, and, if this works out, I will be able to help a lot of people in a way I could never do by myself.


Well, not much.  Those of you who have been with me for a long time may remember that I used to work for Progressive Insurance and I still managed to run TMD on my spare time.  Well, the same thing will happen again this time.  I do not anticipate this new job to last for more than a couple years — just until I can help get my community all back in their homes again.  During this time, I’ll just fill orders before I leave for work every morning (my day starts at 0530 every morning) and in the evening hours, after I get home from work.  The biggest change will be a slow-down in new releases. Unless I can find new pattern makers to help me out, my new products will be few and much longer between announcements.

Now, on the up-side, if thing go the same way this time as they did when I was working for Progressive, modeling will become a hobby for me again.  So, if I can get interested in and start building kits that are new and ‘hot,’ I’ll just make products out of the changes and additions I make to my personal builds and hope they meet some need in your modeling.  Last time, it lead to the majority of our Panther line.  This time, it may double our Panther products, as the Panther, Jagdpanther and Bergepanther are all on my mind.


Well, hopefully, not much.  I might not have as many new products for you, but I will still be making the entire line I currently produce.  I’ll still be shipping, I’m probably just going to be a little slower than I have been in getting your order in the mail.  I will still be answering your email and messages, I’ll just be slower to get to them, too.  In short, the only thing you should really notice is that I am a little slower handling TMD’s business.  Hopefully, this will not keep you from continuing to do business with me — especially now that you know the reasoning behind these changes.

Now, please, do me a favor and try to help me make sure the rumors don’t get out of hand.  Please.



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  1. Glad to hear that your house is coming along well – maybe finished by now. Also glad to hear that you have found a positive way to help those more in need. Hope that goes so well that you do get the opportunity you’re looking forward to. Will look forward to hearing more about what you’re building and the tidbits that result.

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