2018.11.9 UPDATE: Making Headway


I had a decent week.  I have the shop back in full operation, and that means some semblance of normalcy for me (a much needed thing right now).  Now I have to figure out how to get the master bench going again and, once I get that going, what to start working on next.  I sort of got sidetracked — bad — but as Saul has said, this presents me with an opportunity to ‘Billy Idol’  (lol, Start Again — get it?)



THE SHOP IS FULL OPERATIONAL NOW, SO START ORDERING  (I really need the business right now).


So far, my insurance company is still playing nice.  No new worries on that front.  Now we need the contractors to hurry up with their estimates so we can get them approved and working before the house takes more damage from the rain we have been having.


At this time, the house is as wrapped as I can make it.  In some places, it looks like it has been gift-wrapped for Christmas in blue and silver tarps.  Unfortunately, until the contractors come back with their estimates and my insurance company green lights one of them, we’re in a holding pattern.


The shop has been fully repaired and I have built new master and paint benches.  I hope to get some wood to make backs for them (so nothing gets pushed off while I am working).  Once that is done, I just have to move my tools down to the shop, figure out how best to arrange everything and then get to work.


OK, I’ll be honest here: I still want to finish the Lee/Grant stuff, and I really want to get to the Panther and Bergepanther, but — after that — I have no idea where to go.  I am open to suggestions, but, please, think about what you pitch.  I need to keep TMD healthy, so what is really needed that you guys might buy every time you build a certain kit or series of related kits?


As of right now, I have 22 out-standing orders.  I will have all but 9 of them shipped by Tuesday, after the holiday.  Those remaining 9 are are large orders, but I am going to do everything I possibly can to ship them by next Friday, and I will do so in order of the oldest to the newest.


OK, I have returned orders from the following people.  If you see your name in this list, or you know how I can reach any of these guys, please email me (info@tigermodeldesigns.com):

Peter Seril

Jerome Branca

Ian Smith

Pierre Senelle

Victor Raul Volturno

Owen Nelson


I am feeling the strain, folks.  Between trying to get the house as safe as possible, the yard cleaned up, TMD going again, the people lined up to work on the house, the insurance company, mortgage company and SBA to all get on the same page…  Well, I guess I’m just getting too old for this mess and the old Sgt. in me has been peaking out.  BB really does not like that side of me.  I tend to try to eat people’s heads off their shoulders when that side of me shows.  Our DI’s always told us Marines are little green killing machines, so I guess min-Hulk is not how BB sees me and it bugs her, which then makes me angry at myself and, next thing I know, I’m quoting Banner: “My secret is: I’m always angry.”  That’s just not a good place to be and I need to get past this.  I should just focus on all the good that has been coming from this mess — and I am trying to do just that.  So, in time, I will be my old self.  But, for now…  Well, I need BB to rub my palm and tell me the sun is going down. 😉


Well, that’s all I have for now.  So, until next week, stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).

— Joe

2 thoughts on “2018.11.9 UPDATE: Making Headway

  1. Ladders and stowage???? Just throwing some ideas out there. Continued prayers Joe. Interior kits seem to be the rage recently as well.

  2. Joe,

    How about some updates for the Tamiya M3 Stuart? Could use some external fuel tanks and correction to the turret ring armor. Maybe an A1 conversion for it too 🙂

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